Our Committees

Our Parents as Partners

Students are more successful when family and community publicly and consistently support the students’ activities and learning. Parents and guardians significantly impact student learning, directly and indirectly by providing models of learners for their children, and interacting with their children in ways that facilitate learning. LFCSA views parents and guardians as partners and values their involvement in all facets of school life, from volunteering in the classroom to sharing ideas with school leaders.
For that reason, LFCSA parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer 40 hours per school year to assist with maintenance of the site, classroom set-up, infrastructural and administrative support or in the classroom with the project based curriculum, field trips, etc.
Site Council
LFCSA’s School Site Council is an advisory and decision-making body comprised of representatives of our learning community, parents, teachers, our principal and other staff members. The Site Council is focused on expanding and updating our Single School Plan, also known as GRASP, which monitors student achievement in each curricular area and sets school-wide goals by focusing on 5 domains: Effective Instruction, Confidence, Rigor, Imagination, and Stewardship.
Build Committee
The Build Committee is a volunteer team of parents and local community members with architectural, design, contracting, landscaping, organizing and materials acquisition expertise.
Communications Committee
This committee operates the weekly e-blasts, school website and other internal communications to the parent body.
Family Support Committee
Committee members build relationships and generate interest in our community. They meet with prospective families and link with local preschools to inform them about our school and its unique curriculum. Additionally, the committee is responsible for providing social support for the student body. Family Support offers assistance with issues impacting student families, arranges hospitality for meetings and events, and coordinates car pools.
Fundraising Committee
Fundraising is an important component to our school. Funds raised helps pay for our arts-enriched curriculum, are used to improve our existing site, and to secure a permanent home. Charter Schools bring out the best in parents in exploring creative funding sources. This Committee produces several key events for LFCSA which raise money, foster parent participation, and engender school spirit. Other means of passive fundraising include script and local business participation.
Garden Committee
The garden committee oversees all activities and planning of the Edible School Yard located directly behind the auditorium. The grants and parent donations are used to build the garden and provide the basic structure to enable student participation. The garden provides a utilitarian function as it is used for the compost center. It also contributes to the beautification of the school, adding to the much needed green space. In addition, the committee oversees guest teachers and speakers that will visit the school this year. Future fundraising and grants are currently being considered as opportunities arise.
Glassell Park Outreach Committee
Green Team Committee
Our Green committee is comprised of parent volunteers, teachers, administration and staff to oversee a “Green School” plan for environmental health and sustainability for LFCSA. Guidelines follow the “Little Green Schoolhouse” model, establishing regular recycling in every classroom and on campus; creating a composting system in tandem with a “No Waste Lunch” policy; cleaning supplies swapped for a “Cupboard” of alternative, eco-friendly mixes; recycled paper; cartridge/toner recycling; reducing of materials use (double sided printing, e-mail distributions, etc.); Recycling Tips handout and regular Green Tips in Newsletter.
Safety Committee
Consistent with the California Education Code, each school is required to establish a “Safety Committee” composed of all stakeholder groups, which is accountable for preparing and annually updating the safe school plan. The LFCSA safe school plan consists of two volumes: Volume One, Prevention Programs, and Volume Two, Emergency Procedures.
Volunteer Committee